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A complete combination of six Zones, with completely separate sleep feel for your head, neck and shoulders, this is superbly suited for both side- and back-sleeping. It improves neck and shoulder support, and is ideal if you have high demands for each area of your pillow.

Recommended Zone combinations:

For sleeping on your back with Zone D, we recommend a softer main Zone, with firmer or medium-firm Zones for either side. When using Zone E in the middle for neck support, we recommend choosing medium-firm Zones that are higher than three Zone Ds, in order to avoid the feeling that your neck is suspended in mid-air. At the same time, when using the Zone E for shoulder support, we recommend choosing Zones that are somewhat higher than the middle Zone E, in order to guarantee stable shoulder support during back- or side-sleeping. This combination meets the sleep needs of every part of your body, allowing you to completely relax your head, and relieving pressure from your neck and shoulders.

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