Brand Story

He is a designer. And his life is not one that is particularly inspiring: Sleep-loving, untidy, sluggish at work, lazy, and drooping spirit.... he never thought of changing. His girlfriend has always been dissatisfied with his passive lifestyle.

One day, she decided to inspire his dedication to a bright future for the two of them by getting married.

But upon his arrival at the designated place, he discovered that he was two hours late. The girlfriend no longer wanted to wait for him, and only left a note: "I once thought you would change to make me happy! But you were late even today! It's over between us!  "

After he got home, heartbroken, he kept hugging the pillow they once slept on together. And then, he felt something hidden inside the pillow...

He opened it, and discovered that she had been putting her hopes and dreams for him inside the pillow without letting him know. In an instant, he completely broke down and became determined to change himself!

From that day forth, he began to formulate his own schedule for life, determined to be rid of his old, oblivious self. To ensure he would not fall back into his old ways, every time he got rid of a bad habit, he would write a note to attach to various sleeping areas on the pillow, reminding himself to make changes!

Since he became determined to change himself, "do things earlier" also became his motto: Get up earlier; Finish work assignments earlier; Get to gatherings earlier. And so, his friends gave him a new nickname: "Mr. Z"!